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Aspen ski holidays and resorts:- Family Ski Vacations and skiing holidays in Australia comes as quite a surprise to most people, this is mainly because Australia is normally considered as a warm to hot country, with the only reference to snow in Australia being the snowy mountains in New South Wales.

Having visited the snowy mountains in Australia personally, where I tried to learn to ski, I fell in love with the Alpine village called Thredbo. Friendly and warm hearted people helped make my stay in Thredbo a wonderful holiday experience and vivid memory.

Thredbo Village Australia is ideal for ski holidays and an ideal and very popular family skiing vacations resort in the snowy mountains. Thredbo boasts the longest vertical runs in Australia (some 672 meters) with the length of the longest run being just over 5 km, and winds down the snowy mountains in long sweeping turns.

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The length of the runs at the Thredbo resort:-
The length of the runs at the Thredbo resort have a great appeal to many holiday enthusiasts, with 2 express quads accessing the "super trails" it has a lot going for it, when it is truly top to bottom. The main problem is that the Thredbo resort has quite a low base elevation of about 1365 meters, resulting in the bottom of the ski run being a bit slushy which is not so pleasant when you learn to ski.

Crackenback Supertrail. To overcome the lack of natural snow below about 1500 meters, Thredbo has invested heavily in snowmaking with 380 snow guns capable of covering over 60 hectares almost at will. This has allowed Thredbo to design a custom made beginners area, (called Friday Flat) and also run top to bottom for most of the winter season.

The Thredbo alpine village has a bit of a European feel about it and offers various types of accommodation. Thredbo accommodation, is limited for ski in - out lodging, other than this Thredbo accommodation limitation, (the Crackenback Ridge area) the alpine village is well laid out and you can be on the snow within few minutes walk. Apre is excellent, with a great range of quality restaurants and nightspots to round out the days activities.

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Thredbo village in Australia is the ultimate resort to keep you pumping all year long. Setup high in the Snowy Mountains, the Thredbo village is renowned for its magic snow riding action. When the temperatures rise the summer season, you can explore the wondrous alpine trails, race downhill on a mountain bike, or just soak up the environment. Thredbo really is the alpine resort for all seasons.

The ski lodge accommodation in the Thredbo Alpine Village, offers spectacular mountain views and tranquil mountain streams cascading into the Thredbo River. Thredbo has plenty of accommodation scattered throughout the alpine village and in the adjoining areas, so whether you are looking for a quiet retreat in self-contained chalets, or an all inclusive ski lodge snow package, Thredbo can give you the perfect holiday.

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